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Text Box: Floyd Coatings, Inc.
Independently owned and operated by David and Deborah Andress, Floyd Coatings, Inc. specializes in the manufacturing of industrial coatings encompassing a wide range of technologies and applications.  Since 1953, our research and developmental efforts have given us a technological edge that has enabled us to respond to the specific needs of our customers and the changing needs of the marketplace.
Instead of creating a product line "set in stone" and marketing it to existing or potential customers, Floyd Coatings, Inc. focuses on the individual needs of each of its customers.  We realize that many customers are unable to find products that specifically meet all of their needs.  Floyd Coatings, Inc. is able to fill that gap in the industry.  We create custom formulations to meet the individual needs of our customers.  Providing alternative solutions to existing product problems and developing new unique formulations is an ongoing process for us.
We have an impressive facility, stressing technical, sales, and production capabilities and the knowledge and dedication to respond promptly to your requests.  What makes Floyd Coatings, Inc.'s approach "unique," however, is the technical expertise of our technical and sales representatives who will work closely with you identifying where we can best support your efforts.  We ensure a consistent, quality product, specifically developed to meet the individual needs of your organization.
Floyd Coatings, Inc. takes pride in manufacturing high quality products.  Beyond the physical properties of our products, we strive to provide you with the service, technology, price, and delivery that go with it.  Our customers expect the best--we deliver it!